Fish Daddy

Chris Scanlon


Papa came home one fine day
Papa got bored so he went away
So Mama went out to the Daddy Mall
Looking for a blond sucker six feet tall
But in the bargain bin is where she done seen him
Face was all jagged like he’s from a museum
“I’ll cook for you if you make the pay
I’ll keep Sonny Boy out of the way
For Fish Daddy”

Working that ocean day and night
Wants his TV on, his food cooked right
Sonny Boy hid in the family tree
Fish Daddy got to thinking “that’s alright with me”
Mama say “Don’t you go and make no show
Don’t do a goddamn thing to make Fish Daddy go
I need that man and we need his pay
So you best stay out of the way
For Fish Daddy”

He sat Mama down cause he’d had it with the kid
“He sings and dances and plays
You’re boy’s coming up strange
Don’t wanna work the sea, he’s lazy and lame
I don’t like his friends or their stupid names
He just dreams, just sits and dreams
Who’s got time for dreams?”
Not Fish Daddy

Boy grew up to be a man
He’s living his dream whenever he can
But the voice of Fish Daddy is stuck inside of his head
Saying “Should be out cleaning my nets instead”
Boy got tired of that talk talk talk
He said “Find a short pier and take a walka walk walk
You don’t give a damn about what’s inside of me
So you best get back to sea
Fish Daddy”