DARKNESS ON THE EDGE OF CAPE TOWN: Bruce, New Jersey, South Africa and back again.


     A friend posted something on Facebook that was hard to swallow. He said after listening to Darkness on the Edge of Town by Bruce Springsteen for the first time in years that "Candy's Room" is still its only great song. Since Darkness is one of my favorite albums of all time I foolishly responded saying that I had to fight him on that. His response was “Convince me why I should dust off my vinyl copy for another listen.” Hours later I wished I hadn’t responded at all. I’ve come to despise debate about the merits of music, art, etc. It’s pointless. Still, I felt like I had to say something.



Return of the Rock Opera?


When did writing and performing rock operas come back into style? Anais Mitchell just performed her rock opera "Hadestown" in Turners Falls, MA recently and it was all the rage amongst my friends. The Decemberists just pulled one off to critical acclaim. I'm guessing these artists never listened to Yes, Rush or Emerson, Lake & Palmer when they were kids, because if they had they wouldn't touch a concept album with a ten foot metaphor.


Go Matawan


Much to my surprise my hometown of Matawan, NJ was listed as one of the top 50 towns by Businessweek to "raise your kids for less." In fact it came in at 12. I must admit I am a little shocked by this. This is not the Matawan I remember.



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